Barista Prima Italian Roast K-cup Review

Barista Prima Italian Roast K-cup is a bold strong coffee

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This is my favorite K-cup coffee. I have tried almost all the strong extra bold brands and keep coming back to Barista Prima Italian Dark Roast K-Cup.

The flavor is smooth with just a slight after taste. I like the after taste, it keeps the coffee flavor lingering for just a while longer. Barista Italian is not bitter, but is an extra bold roast that I find very pleasing.

In general, it is difficult to achieve a strong bold cup of coffee with K-cups due to their size. Somehow, Barista Italian Dark Roast manages to produce that strong bold flavor. Maybe they put more coffee in the K-cup?

My wife doesn’t like strong coffee. We’ve found that the Barista Italian Dark Roast (and the Green Mountain Coffee Double Black Diamond) can be used twice. The 2nd cup isn’t as strong, but for my wife it is perfect. So getting 2 cups out of 1 K-cup helps make up for the higher cost.

The cost is a little higher than other brands, so for me, I use Barista Italian as a treat and as my first cup in the morning if we have not brewed a pot of coffee.

Give it a try and leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section.



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