K-Cups for your Keurig coffee maker. Best prices on the most popular K-cups. We feature bold flavor K-Cups. Bob’s new favorite K-cup is Pete’s Coffee – Major Dickason’s deep roast. Simply the best! Nice bold flavor, not too bitter. If you like a nice bold coffee definitely give Pete’s a try! Bob’s previous all time favorite was Barista Italian. If you like a nice bold flavor coffee, strong coffee flavor, you will love Barista Italian K-cups. A close contender is Emeril’s Big Easy Bold Coffee and Green Mountain Coffee Double Black Diamond, K-Cup. Green Mountain Dark Magic is good, but if you like it strong, try the Double Black Diamond. For economy, Bob suggests, Pete’s Major Dickason’s Coffee or Barista Italian to start the day or for that special occasion. Then either Emeril’s Big Easy Bold or Green Mountain Double Black Diamond, for that 2nd or 3rd cup, and Kirkland Pacific Bold in-between. Actually, any of these coffees below are great. If you like milder coffee, you can add more water – this may not be the website for you. :-)