Seattle’s Best Level 3 Ground Blend Coffee, 12-Ounce (Pack of 2)

Ground roasted medium dark coffee Product Features Ground roasted medium dark coffee

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Ground roasted medium dark coffee

Product Features

  • Ground roasted medium dark coffee


Liz says:

Great Coffee I love Seattle’s Best more than other coffees. I think it has a strong bold taste. It’s the only coffee I tried that actually makes me feel happy after I drink it. It’s strange, but I feel a load of energy and then it puts me in a good mood. Other coffees give me the energy, but don’t lift my mood. I love this product because it’s high quality, taseful and I like it’s effect.

Cynthia J. Salim "LOVE 2 LEARN" says:

Similar to the discontinued Columbian I was a huge fan of the SEATTLES Best Columbian whole beans. I can no longer find it at COSTCO’s where I used to buy it for a value price. I tried Level 3 ground (couldn’t find whole beans at a good price). I like this coffee a lot. It’s not too strong, very smooth without bitterness. I brew my cup individually using a plastic melitta cone and a bamboo filter . I use two rounded scoops to make a vey large mug of coffee.

tnbatfan says:

Better than Starbucks I seriously love this coffee. I loved it when there was a bookseller in midtown that sold SB Latte’s and I bought it, whole bean there.Now I can’t find it in the store, but luckily I found it here. I saw on TV on the Today show that Seattle’s Best has literally half of the caffeine Starbucks does (even though they are the same company) – this is great for me as I don’t need the caffeine but the taste is not bitter and Pike’s Place (the alternate to #3 SB that has twice the caffeine)is my favorite so yes, I have compared them.If you like Starbucks but not that “bite” at the end of the swallow or the jitters, try this stuff, it is great!

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